Random things I love about M.

I’ve slowly been collecting random things I absolutely love about M. Things that make me smile, laugh hysterically, or make me want to hug him and never let go.

Random voicemails.

Whenever M calls me and if I miss the call, he always leaves a voicemail (which, in itself, I think is really thoughtful, especially as I’m a ‘missed call’ type of girl, assuming if I call, he’ll see it was missed, and call me back), and half the time, they are soooo random, and they make me laugh. For starters, he always says who it is (as if I don’t know, right?), and then launches into something like this:

“Hi babe, it’s M. Just calling to say hi and to tell you that I love you. Hope you’re having fun whatever you’re doing right now….*this next part trails off, as he starts going into random chatty mode* Soooo anywayyyy, I’m leaving work now…going to go hommmme, make some dinnnnerrrrr, do some homework, and ummm, not sure what else. Anywayyy, call me later, when you get a chance.”

Just cute. I dunno why, but I love it.


He is hilarious at impersonating people. Especially his boss. Or anyone that’s annoying him. He goes into the ‘voice’ or whoever he’s impersonating, scrunches up his face into a ‘doi, I’m stupid’ look, and launches right into it. I can’t explain it, it’s just funny.

He eats supremely slow.

As in, it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r (read this to find out why). This has really tested my own ability to slow down when I eat, because I am a self-professed fast eater. And it’s SO hard to slow down, because it’s just who I am. But I am finding that I have slowed down much more in the last 6 months and even though I always finish first, at least I’m not like, steamrolling him in the eating department (how embarrassing). Though I always put my arms in the air and say “I win!” <–hehe, might as well make it fun, right?

Some of the funniest Facebook status updates I’ve ever read.

Such as:

Just finished my taxes and now I know why people become…republicans!

They should rename Rainforest Cafe to Baby carriage parking lot.

I’ve been known to hide things so well that not even I can find them. Like tax forms, for example. I’m pretty sure they’re somewhere in the 4th dimension!

Had to spatula myself out of bed today. Is it Friday yet?

What do you get when you combine vegetables, chicken, homemade curry and all four burners going? If you guessed a day with my upstairs neighbor, you guessed wrong. It’s in fact, a three alarm fire.

Oh no, Usher and Justin Bieber in the same place at the same time?! That ranks right up there with Locusts and Boils in the biblical signs of the apocolypyse!

Clearly, I could go on and on, but seriously, he’s just so funny. Like, all the time.

He has no concept of how much oil is enough or how high the burners need to go.

Okay, this one is a slight peeve 😉 He seriously doesn’t know the concept of just a ‘dab’ of oil in the pan is needed to make sure stuff doesn’t stick to it (and a non-stick pan no less!). He just dumps the stuff in if I am not looking 😉 He’s getting better with it, and it’s just the way he cooks, but it no longer makes a meal healthy if it’s drowning in oil. Just sayin. (and the burner thing? He just puts them so high and then the house smells. That’s my peeve. I hate when my house smells like food, like four days later!)

When you ask him a question or engaged in conversation, he gives you his undivided attention.

That may sound like a no-brainer, but I love that he really does pay attention, he doesn’t give half his attention if the TV is on, and is focused on you, and only you. (and if he ever catches himself on his Droid as you ask him something, he puts it down and apologies. I have learned to do the same, because I know it’s rude, even if it’s a bad habit of mine!)

He’s always thinking. Always.

He’ll bring me flowers on a random Tuesday. Or a pound of Starbucks coffee (the new Tribute blend!), just because. Those little surprises never get old. Or unnoticed. Ever.

I could probably go on and on, but given I’ve collected this many so far, I’m sure there could be a part two to this post in the future. He’s been an amazing partner for the past 6 months and I really consider myself blessed to have met him. He’s who I was meant to meet, when I was meant to meet him. And I’ll never lose sight of that.

**Update: I forgot one!

Being completely innapropriate.

Saying random things at the worst possible time (ya know that saying? “There’s the line, and then you just stepped over it?” Well, M usually pole-vaults over it!).

For example, we’ve been watching “Chopped” on Food Network, and we try to come up what random stuff we’d put in the baskets for them to create meals from, and his are always so innapropriate (if you aren’t familiar with the show, click on the link. Basically, they have to create apps, meals and desserts out of random ingredients). Such as: elephant ear, dung, and the last dodo bird, split in four pieces. Or, polish jalapenos (wtf, are those even real?!), a used diaper, a muffler, and used hypodermic needles (LOL, so bad).

(yes, I just wrote this as we just chatted. Clearly, I’m cracking up…)

33 thoughts on “Random things I love about M.

  1. I hate voicemails with an absolute passion if it is someone who normally calls me. Hardscape knows this and leaves them anyways along the same wording as M…it really does crack me up. He’ll say who it is and go on and on about nothing….cute cute.

    1. Isn’t that funny? I used to get annoyed, but the fact that he takes the time to do it, and always says something funny or cute, makes me want to listen to them. Because you just never know. Ya know? Life’s too short. Listen to the voicemail! 🙂

  2. I love this!! I am so glad you posted this (and I’ll probably steal the idea and do something similar) because this gives us a glimpse into M’s personality.

    He sounds like a fun and very lovable guy. No wonder he is so swoonworthy!!

    I have to LOL about being the one to finish first. You and I can have a head to head championship round when we meet Thursday because I am usually the first one finished eating!!

    Sometime, you must bring him with you, and the two of you can join S and I for dinner and wine sometime!

    1. Thanks! Borrow away! I liked this one for the same reason – showing his personality. He’s very fun, funny, loving, and just a GOOD guy, all around. Swoonworthy, absolutely. As for eating contest…LOL! YES, guess we can size that up on Thursday! Looking forward to it – finally! 🙂 I really do want to bring M out with me sometime, and we definitely should do dinner and wine!

  3. I especially love taking the time to take note of things we love, don’t you?

    It is nice to see more of his personality here. (And yours too!)

    Keep taking notes. Like forever. If two people can always think of reasons to love each other, then “always and forever” has a chance.


    1. Glad you liked it, T! Seeing his personality (and mine too, yay, bonus!) is what I am trying to convey…and they are just things I absolutely love about him! And yes…love what you say about ‘always and forever’. So true 🙂

    1. Thanks Lindsay 🙂 He is a great guy. I’m very lucky. And M can teach ANYONE to eat slow, just by nature that he has to 😉

  4. He sounds sweet! It’s all the little things that make true love happen isn’t it?

    I’m in my mid 30’s and dating an amazing man, and it’s all the funny, sweet, considerate little every day moments that make me fall in love with him all over again.

    You’re a lucky girl!

    1. Thanks for visiting! And you sound like you really appreciate the little things from your man too. It really does add up! I know I am lucky and I try never to take him for granted. Sounds like you don’t either 🙂

  5. So cool, love this post, sounds like “M” is one great guy. I love long voicemessage they’re fun to get especially when the person says random stuff. I think I need to slow down with my eating, I eat kinda fast.

  6. You’ve managed to capture M’s essence in one blog! Hilarious! Love the FB statuses and Chopped items! I love that he is curbing your Blackberry bad habits! I love the nostril thing 😉 So happy you are happy! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Haha, yay! So glad I captured it well, I tried 🙂 I read some of it to him after I wrote it and he laughed, thought it was cute 😉 Chopped, yes, and they get much worse than that too! The nostril thing is hysterical and every time he does it, I am in hysterics!

  7. I agree with sis on this one, love that he’s getting you to put down the blackberry 😉 But more than anything, love that he makes you laugh, and that he is who he is. A total riot, but so loving and kind too. A keeper 🙂

    1. thanks sis. Glad you both could liked it 🙂 He is awesome, through and through, huh? definitely a keeper… (and freakin hysterical too!)

  8. The last dodo bird! LMAO!!! Funny guy. The voicemails and facebook updates are hilarious too. I had no idea he was such a hilarious person!

    1. LOL! I know, right? He is so random and funny, I am always laughing. A very good thing to have in a relationship! He is hilarious!

  9. Very, very sweet tribute! Love the Rainforest Cafe one and not surprised that his undivided attention and thoughtfulness weren’t just qualities he showed you at the very beginning of the relationship :). xoxo

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