You know you travel too much when…

People start recognizing you when you get there.

Like...the rental car agent who said “weren’t you just here?” My response: “Yep, and I’ll see you in two weeks!” (perhaps the niceties scored me the sweet Mustang I got to drive around all week?!)

Like…the hotel concierge when I arrive (who also note, “oh, you were just with us! welcome back!”) or when I call to ask them to email me a receipt, and they recognize my name and remember seeing me yesterday.

Like…when I recognized the flight attendant on the Dallas – Boston leg of my flight home last night. (seriously?! What are the odds?)

(I know this is probably pretty typical for those that are frequent travelers, but given this is a whole new world to me, it amuses me!)


When you are finally at a place where you know where to go and what to do.

Sure, I still get tense making sure I get to the airport in time. But after the last few months of such frequent trips and to a bevy of different airports, I feel like I am finally hitting my groove.

Returning a rental car? Piece o’ cake (previously? stressful, took too long, and/or worried I wouldn’t know where to go to drop it off!).

Security check? Not as bad or as long, typically. Maybe I just tend to travel in off-hours, but lately, it’s been pretty smooth.

Take a chance on standby? Why, yes, I will try that. (sure, it failed this time, but doesn’t mean it always will!).

Packing and not forgetting anything? Well, this is getting better. This time I on;y forgot my razor. But it’s always something. This will improve in time, I know.

Unpacking? LIKE A CHAMP. Took me all of 6 minutes to unpack last night. In full. Legit. I almost threw a load of laundry in the washer but refrained. (juuust barely)


When you realize that as long and as tiring as the time away from home is…it’s mostly worth it.

Sure, I am beat today. Utterly exhausted (I guess 5 airports/airplanes in 4 days will do that to ya!), but it’s Friday, I am home, and the weekend ahead will give me the recharge I need.

Tackling so much travel with my job will continue to be a challenge, mentally, physically and emotionally. It takes a lot out of me, and I know with each trip, it gets more difficult for M, too, but he has been continually supportive, as has my family, who continue to help with cat-sitting (and spoiling the living daylights out of them, which is so cute).

Trying to find a good workout routine WHILE traveling also remains a challenge, but I am finding workarounds. Soon enough, it’ll be light out in the mornings and I can find a running route. And I may join 24 Hour Fitness (with company discount, it’s cheap, and it’s literally across from my hotel!) to get my class-fix on.

Traveling is still new, but I am getting into a groove…at probably just the right time, as my boss is teetering on maternity leave any day now.

I just need to dig my heels in and do my best.

On that note…I’m going to enjoy the shit out of my weekend. I hope you do the same. Cheers, friends!




25 thoughts on “You know you travel too much when…

    1. you’re the second person to tell me that today. Nah, my family is here, entirely, I don’t think I could ever move. The travel (this much) is only temporary anyway πŸ˜‰ Though it IS a nice area, I concur!

  1. Can I just tell you when I read these posts, I picture you walking through the airport with your rolling suitcase (you did see Up in the Air, right?) sporting an adorable skirt suit like Business Barbie? I know you’re stressed and worried, but even in your stressing and worrying, you come across as incredibly put together. You’re something to aspire to! πŸ™‚

    1. Awww…that is SO CUTE! I didn’t see Up in the Air! I NEED to. I hate to burst your bubble, but half the time (at least when I have time to), I am changed into yogas and a t-shirt for the flight, so I don’ look NEARLY as cute as Business Barbie, but it is something to aspire to, in itself πŸ™‚ Thank you though, that is awesome!

  2. haha – the man, who is a veteran business traveler (DC to mississippi and back every 2 weeks for three years), has it down to a science like this too. it’s why he hates traveling with neurotic little me; he has his system and timing, i have mine. maybe someday i’ll get over it. doubt it. πŸ™‚

    cheers to you too! have a fabulous weekend!

  3. My boss travels 3 weeks out of 4 and he has it down to a science!!!!! Everywhere he goes they know his name, the car rental people, the security people, the hotel people, etc etc. And I own Up in the Air, great movie, makes you think.

  4. You have become a traveling champ! And, it definitely gets easier with each trip, especially when the route and routine are similar. Enjoy the weekend, love! xoxo

  5. I think it’s cool people recognize you and are friendly…how horrible would it be to see the same guy and have him not recognize you?? You are making an impression and for some people (like you right now) this is normal. So embrace the love girl. It’s temporary and it’s great. πŸ™‚

    1. True, that’s a good point, Livvy. If I kept seeing them and they didn’t recognize me, I guess that wouldn’t be very cool! I will embrace it!! Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Sounds like you’re a pro at travelling. I laughed when I read all the people who were recognising you from your travelling. I get recognised too but my places are kinda embarrassing, the local library all know me by first name because I’m always there borrowing books and the post office know me because of all my purchases from Amazon etc.

    That’s a good idea to join 24 hour fitness when you’re travelling and of course the Core Fusion workouts are all portable. Hope you’re having a blast this weekend.

  7. Ugh, routines are the hardest to keep when traveling. I’ll be traveling for work 3 weeks out of the next 8. I know that’s nothing like what you do, but I’m exhausted just thinking about it. What will my dvr do without me?! Lol.

  8. My problem is always the packing. I pack waaay too much and always ended up using a third of what I bring. I guess this would be one of the upsides to a lot of travel – packing like a champ.

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