Done, son.

*breathing sigh of relief*

It’s over.

And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was envisioning.

Even though I got up at 4:15 panicking about missing my flight to San Francisco.

Even though the second meeting of the day got canceled (glad it wasn’t the first!).

Even though we had lots of extra time between meetings and lunch to kill (my fear was a lot of dead silence and awkwardness, but notsomuch!).

I did it.

And I feel a mixture of relief, pride, and increased courage.

As IntrigueMe would say..”.it’s in the bag, baby!”

The one downside?

The huge ass downside?

I’ve been sitting in the airport since 1 pm trying to get on a 4 pm (PT) standby flight.

Only to miss it by ONE SEAT.

And thus have to wait another 3.5 HOURS until my originally scheduled flight at 7:30 (PT).

I might go insane sitting here for that long. If I had sneakers, I’d run around the airport. If I had yoga pants, I’d put them on. But alas, no such luck. All I have is my laptop, my new Coach laptop bag (reinbursed through work no less, and it’s super duper cute, gotta say), and a lot of time.

Guess there are worse things.

But the best part is…it’s done, son! And I feel a hell of a lot better. Thank you for all of your encouragement here, and for those that know me IRL, on Facebook, Twitter, emails, and texts. You are the best. ((HUGS))


21 thoughts on “Done, son.

  1. I knew you’d rock it sis. I just wish your brief “high” on getting ‘er done has been dashed by such a lonnnnnng stay in the airport. Boring-city! I’m telling you – it’s time to create an airport drinking game to pass the time. πŸ˜‰

    1. OMG I JUST WROTE BORING CITY above before seeing your comment. Hellloo, get out of my head sis πŸ˜‰ An airport drinking game would be fun if I weren’t sitting here all by my lonesone…! And thanks for believing in me.

  2. Well done you! That’s great news that the day with your CEO went well.
    Just curious, what colour is your Coach laptop bag? They have the best bags.

  3. *Applause applause* I’m not surprised that you wow-ed the CEO! Hope you bought a good book or something to occupy your time in the airport! xoxo

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