Things that make me happy today.

Things that are making me happy today…

…kissing my niece’s head this morning as I went for a quick visit (but near-tears when she cried as she has her first cold. Sniffly baby makes sad auntie!). I love that girl, like whoa.

…looking at the weather forecast in Jamaica (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s like, 6 weeks away!).

…impromptu lunch with my sis Jess as she worked from home today (since we never get to see much of each other during the week anymore vs. the 40 hours a week before!)

…feeling longer doing Core Fusion this morning. Yes, longer. Taller. Whatever. Same thing, right? 😉

…the weekend ahead. Sure, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, technically, but as I really do consider that a Hallmark holiday, I am thrilled to concoct a romantic meal at home tomorrow with M and bask in the us that we are becoming.

…having a kick-ass week at work this week. Got a lot accomplished, finally feeling more settled in, and having some big-rock social media moments. *Go me…go me…go me.”

…not feeling *too* anxious about next week’s trip to Costa Mesa. I’m finally getting the hang of this.

…NO snow this week! Sure, there’s about 3 feet of it on the ground, but at least we didn’t get any major storms. First week since, oh, I dunno, October? 😉

…the fact that it might hit 40 degrees tomorrow. Whipping out those flip flops fo sho! (okay, so that’s a stretch, but hey, at least I won’t need 12 layers!)

…my Hop Kiln wine shipment!! You must try this wine, it is de-lish (and puts a smile on my face as visiting that vineyard was one of my favorite memories from the best vaca ever!).

…a clean house. ‘Nuf said.

Now, can we please get this weekend started? I’m getting antsy. Happy weekend all and as always, cheers. *clink*


25 thoughts on “Things that make me happy today.

  1. AMEN! I’m SO ready to get this party started! And PS. I loved having “sister lunch” today. PPS. “Longer” what a random word to use, but it’s true! Leaner, taller, whatevs! It’s working 🙂

  2. Love your list of things that make you happy. Wow your holiday to Jamaica will fly in, you’ll be there before you know it. I have a girl’s party weekend coming up soon which will be fun and very tempted to go on another Cathe road trip this year. Glad you’re getting used to going to Costa Mesa, I remember the outdoor shopping mall there, love love love the clothes and all the great things you can buy in the States, there just isn’t the selection of stuff here. Happy days about the wine shipment! Love sitting back with a glass of wine or two with good company. Have a fun weekend!! I’m going to watch the rugby Ireland are playing France in the rugby so there should be plenty of men out this weekend.

  3. Yay for happiness! And isn’t it amazing how a clean house can make you feel so much better? I hope you had a nice romantic dinner with your man last night. 🙂

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