16 random things about me.

These were the things skittering through my mind during my couples massage with M today. Figured I’d share them all with you…starting with a very appropriate one:

  1. I’ve never had a professional massage. Like, ever. Until today. M treated me to a couples massage as part of my Christmas gift and we went today. A-mazing. So amazing in fact, that we booked another one next month (hey, 15% off for booking another was too good to pass up!)
  2. I’m very particular with my hair. Like, ridiculously so. As evidenced by the fact that my hair was an utter mess post-massage (lotion and oil in my hair, um *not* a good look) as we walked through the mall briefly afterwards, I was uber self-conscious and wanted to run screaming from the building. Bad hair days are a disaster for my self-confidence. Yet, my version of a bad hair day is really not that big a deal to most (and we all see ‘bad hair days’ on ourselves way more than anyone else does!) but I think about it all day until I can fix it. Weird, yea, I know.
  3. I’ve only met one celebrity in my life. But it was George Clooney. Um, yum. (too bad I was working as a cashier at a grocery store at the time when I was probably 18, and felt ridiculous!)
  4. I’ve never been outside of this continent. (Wait, do Aruba and Bahamas count?! Leads me to my next random)
  5. I am horrible at geography (like, even in the US, I have trouble placing states!) and even worse at history. Ask me which came first, the Revolutionary War or the Civil War, and I have a serious problem.  (the only way I know WWII came after WWI is because of the number!)
  6. I can’t swim. Oh yea, you knew that already.
  7. I live in New England, yet I have never been to Vermont. WTF, right? (and my first trip to Cape Cod was a year ago!)
  8. My first kiss was at 17. When I had my first boyfriend (late bloomer?).
  9. I’ve only had 3 serious boyfriends (and I married one of them!).
  10. I love the tv show “Fringe” but it freaks me out, so I can only watch it during the day (unless M watches it with me at night)
  11. I’ve never met a food I don’t like. Yet.
  12. However, I was convinced I didn’t like french onion soup until I tried it. (that one is for you, Jess). Oh, and I am not a fan of uber spicy food, but I will eat it, because, well, see #11 again.
  13. I hate collared shirts. It messes with my hair (see #2)
  14. I never cry at movies or TV shows (okay, maybe never is a strong word, but I feel silly when I do, and have only done so a few times. Like at the last episode of “Friends” and the last episode of “Growing Pains”…yes, Growing Pains)
  15. My travel ‘goal’ is to go to every Island in the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” by the age of 50. Well, I have Aruba and the Bahamas covered, and if all goes well, Jamaica upcoming (stay tuned!).
  16. I’ve been to a men’s strip club. Twice. In the same summer. And had a blast.

Random enough? Any surprises? And yes, these things were flying through my mind randomly during my massage today (in an oddly relaxing way).

UPDATE: Remembered one more! I love the Kardashians. No idea why, but anytime I see their shows(s) on, I watch them. Riveted. And I ❤ Britney Spears.

32 thoughts on “16 random things about me.

  1. The last episode of Growing Pains? You mean when they moved and Maggie ran back into the house to grab the family photo and “Mike Seaver was here” was written on the brick behind it? LOL… I liked that show. Have you seen the movie “Up”? You get to cry in the beginning!

    1. YES!! That exact episode! I have not seen UP, but would like to. Oh, I also cried at Monsters Inc! Yep, a cartoon movie for children. The end was sad 😉

  2. Love this! Might steal this for my blog 🙂 BTW you’ve been to Key Largo, if not add it to your list!!

  3. Ha- these are awesome Jo, and actually really entertaining!
    I never figured you to be hair obsessed, and the part about the Beach Boys song— what a great goal!!

    For the record, I LOVE spicy food, my favorite show is Criminal Minds but I can’t watch that alone at night either, and in Junior High I made pillows for a boy band called The Moffatts. They were my favorite, and I met them several times. I ❤ Bob Moffatt. Bang, Bang, Boom. lol.

    1. Ha, glad you liked it 😉 Total random post but it came together rather nicely 😉 You didn’t figure me to be picky with my hair? OMG it is BAD. I must admit. I am glad I am not the only one that can’t watch certain shows alone!

  4. I love this! I don’t remember you doing one of this. I am soooo with you on the hair thing. And they really eff it up when you get a massage – really stressed me out. All greasy and crap. I’ve never ever had French Onion soup. Isn’t it funny too how you can convince yourself you don’t like something. I did that with beets. I “knew” I hated them and I had never had them. Funny thing, I like ’em.

    1. Ha! YES! the massage totally effed up my hair! LOL! What a waste of a good hair day 😉 But worth it. I love beets! Always have. It is funny how that happens!

  5. Okay – SO many interesting things here!! I canNOT believe you just had your first massage!! That is great….I LOVE them and would get one once a week if I could afford it. 🙂 And George Clooney?!!! I cannot even imagine how tongue tied I would have been!

    I was a late bloomer, too – first kiss and boyfriend at 17. 🙂

    1. LOL, yeah, George Clooney…he was a really nice guy, actually. I was so shocked seeing him come through my line, I kind of just went with it! Ha-ha.

  6. OH wow you got to meet George Clooney, he’s utterly hot!! Is Vermont the home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? I’ll make a trip with you there, yum yum love ice cream. If you want to change number 4, come here for a visit. Couples massages are nice aren’t they, I did one before with my ex but he ended up falling asleep and snoring very loudly so it wasn’t the most relaxing but fun all the same. Roll on my next couples massage.

  7. I love random posts like this. I think they are the best at showing who a person really is. And you need to get your butt to Vermont! Even I’ve been there for the delish maple sugar candy. Ross from Friends inspired me. Also, I adore Fringe. But yeah, it’s kinda scary! Hope you had a great weekend. So cute that you had a couples massage together!

  8. This post made me LAUGH OUT LOUD, because I read it just after I’d been at a brunch meeting some of Mr. U’s friends for the first time and I had spent like 30 minutes before we left just fussing and fussing with my hair feeling ugly and cranky before putting it up in a ponytail and I almost didn’t go and it was such a lovely time how stupid would that have been? So anyways, I totally sympathized with the #2 hair thing. Oh lord, gotta love solidarity. Cheers, T.

    1. LOL! That is hysterical because I totally would have done the same thing. I am glad you had a great time though!! (and glad I’m not alone on that one!)

  9. I think this is great. Even though I never would have known about the hair thing, I am not really surprised, because I am pretty sure that every pic I have ever seen of you on FB shows your hair perfectly in place, lol. So, I should have known.

    You haven’t been to Vermont? NH and Vermont just go together Jo, they are a package deal, lol. Get yourself to Stowe and get some Ben & Jerry’s. Or to Burlington: great food, great beer.

    1. Ha! That’s funny re: FB, but thank you. I will tell you, I am sure I can pick out flaws in my hair in almost every picture. Yeah, it’s like *that.* 😉 And I know, Vermont is practically NH at this point, I know, I know. And I will go. One of these days 🙂

  10. Um yea, I totally watched the last episode of Growing Pains too. Woohoo! the good ole shows, I tell ya what:) Also, how have I been to Vermont and you haven’t? Weird girl. I hope you go to Jamaica! My favorite place and second home!

    1. LOL! That episode of Growing Pains was the best! And thanks for reminding me of your love for Jamaica, clearly, I’ve just emailed you about it 😉

  11. These are very intriguing…
    #1… I’ve never had a massage either… being touched (especially by a stranger) kinda freaks me out… I always hear they are great… but can’t brng myself to do it!
    #2… I worked with you for how long??? 8 years… and do not remember you EVER having a bad hair day… (and we all see ‘bad hair days’ on ourselves way more than anyone else does!) <– Agreed!
    #7… what is it with that state? I, too, am a solid New Englander… and have never been to the Green Mountain State! Weird!

    Great post Lady! Missing you girls bunches (this proclaimed most heartfeltedly {totally made up word} as I wrap up the second month-end without my two favorite Stars! xo

    1. Miss you muches too! Only you and a few select others 😉 I think it’s hilarious that you haven’t been to Vermont either!! See, I am not crazy. And I thank you for the hair comment, but I think we all only see our own bad hair days. I would never notice anyone else having one! Can you imagine? “wow, that girl is REALLY having a bad hair day!” as if we’d know? 😉

  12. How did you make it this far in life and not have a massage? I cant go a month without one. its the best pampering there is.

    I too have been to a handful of stipper joints with my girl friends. Its always a good time.

  13. Love this post! So glad you were finally able to experience a massage. Totally addicting habit to pick up, you know…

    #14? I cry at freakin’ commercials! Sheesh!

    Love ya girl.

  14. I also love the Kardashians. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen the episode on, I’ll watch it again and again. I have to ask… Are you a Jersey Shore fan yet? It took me a while, but I’m hooked now!

  15. This is a great list! I’m surprised that you’re so particular about your hair, that you’ve never had a massage before last month (especially after a race), and that you’ve never been to Vermont. I think Vermont should be an easy one to check off the list ;)! xoxo

    1. I know, not a lot of people know the ‘hair thing’ I have. It’s silly, really, I don’t know why I do it! And yes, Vermont is on my short list 🙂

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