It makes a huge difference.

When you love your job again.

When you feel inspired to perform, to go for the gold, to make a difference, to move up.

When you want to go to work, don’t mind a late meeting or two (or conversely, an early one), or putting in the effort.

When you are surrounded by people that care about their jobs, that want to succeed and want you to succeed.

When you are supported by your peers, your boss(es) and your department full of smart minds.

When you feel pride for the place you work, and want to help it grow and gain awareness and be great.

When the CEO of the company utters “we’re already good…let’s aspire to great” – and it gives you chills.

When you look around and see camaraderie, smiles, and joking…proof that others love their jobs too.

It makes a huge difference…to be passionate about your job again.


As tired as I am, as long a week as it has been, as challenging as it has been so far, to throw myself into conversations (even meekly), introduce myself to colleagues and executives, this week has proven that by far, I have made the right decision, that I am supported and that everyone around me wants me to succeed. I haven’t been in an environment where people care about their jobs and the company they work for, for so long, that it’s been hard to envision anyone actually liking their job.

Sure, every job has their trying times, their stressful times and times when you want to just give up…but the getting back up and doing it all over again is the difference between a job you ‘phone in’ and a job you show up for with a vengence.


29 thoughts on “It makes a huge difference.

  1. it’s so true! being happy with your work is so important, and you often don’t realize how important until you’re UNhappy with work. the last few months before i went to law school were spent hating my professional life, and it just felt AWFUL every day. that’s how i knew i was meant to be a lawyer – when i got to school, i felt so good, so fulfilled, that everything was right again.

    so glad things are going well (and that you didn’t have to go through the snow yesterday – i’m also jealous of you for that 🙂 )

    1. exactly. you don’t realize how badly things really are, until you are at a new job and it’s completely different, better, more exuberant. Sounds like the perfect change for you as well! And yes, I am glad to have missed that storm! As much as I miss home, I hate the snow.

  2. So glad your work time in California is going well, it makes such a difference doesn’t it when you feel that you’re supported and valued in work. Sounds like your new job is going to be a great success!

  3. SO glad that things are going well! I always get so inspired by sales conferences…but I’m equally glad to be home. 😉 Safe trip home!

  4. I think this is so great, and I agree that it makes a world of difference when you feel inspired. Think about how much time we spend out of our lives at work? It’s a huge percentage of your week and that is why it is important to be content.

    I am glad that it is helping you open up too and come out of your shell. It is hard for me to imagine you being shy or hesitant IRL, as on here you are the source of all these connections among people! I think in your case, blogging is such a good thing because you can employ the people skills you have acquired on here to use in building relationships out there.

    1. it’s so true. we really do spend so much time invested in our jobs, it makes sense to want to like work, ya know? And yes, it is helping me with the confidence thing. I wouldn’t even really say I am shy, or *that* shy, it’s more the intimidation factor of not knowing a soul in the room. I’m sure it happens to many of us! But thank you 🙂

  5. New here.
    I am a rarity. I love my job. I reconize how rare that is and that I should totally treasure it. I have been at my job for 10 years. WHich is a long time for me to stick to anything.

    Happy Friday


    1. Glad to help inspire 🙂 That feeling is something I haven’t felt in so so so long that it feels invigorating, ya know. I hope you get it back too!

  6. AMEN!!! It is ridiculously refreshing to be at a job that inspires me to reach for greatness rather than stick to the status quo. And to be surrounded by great people that love what they do and CARE? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. Best feeling ever.

    1. It really IS refreshing. I keep getting surprised at how everyone does seem happy (relatively speaking) and wanting to make a difference. It’s the best.

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