Just breathe…it’s a new week and a new challenge.

That’s what I keep repeating to myself today as I gear up for my second trip to California for my new job.

As the day wears on, I am getting more and more scattered (worrying about forgetting something…already *almost* forgot to pack undergarments! who does that?! And generally, about getting work done and out the door to the airport in time!) so I felt the need to just blog it out in the hopes it will help me feel better and actually listen to that mantra – just breathe – a little more.

This trip is likely going to be a blur. It’s the annual sales meetings where the entire company converges on California from around the globe to get updates on the company’s plans for the year ahead. It’s set in Huntington Beach from Weds-Fri so I will be locked up in that gorgeous hotel I mentioned yesterday all day and at dinner meetings most nights. I will have little downtime, little sleep (likely) and little time to do any blogging (sniffle. but likely), let alone talk to M much (the time difference won’t help!). Bottom line, I will have no routine whatsoever and be completely out of my comfort zone as I meet new people, the company’s executives and will need to be “on” all day and night.

Sounds like fun, huh? πŸ˜‰

Well, in all honesty, I am looking forward to it in that I will learn a ton more about the company, be able to meet a lot more people face to face that I normally wouldn’t, and it’ll be a test of my ‘faking’ confidence until I feel it. I do feel relatively confident, and that gets better each day, but it’s by no means completely real, there is still that element of ‘putting on a face’ but I must say, I do think I am winning people over – the right people, the ones that matter, and making a difference, already. And that feels like a huge accomplishment in the almost four weeks since I started this job.

So, friends, wish me luck, send me confidence vibes and if I can blog, I will, but if not, I will when I return.

Just breathe…it’s a new week and a new challenge.


40 thoughts on “Just breathe…it’s a new week and a new challenge.

  1. You’ll be awesome!! I’m so excited for you. πŸ™‚ Even in the moments when you feel like you’re faking it, remember you’re doing better than you think you are!

  2. You got this! You’ll be tired by the end of the week, though, no doubt! Then you’ll need some good R&R.


    Enjoy the trip!

    1. YES, no snow! And the next storm here is mid-week so I will hopefully have no flight issues! I will actually feel better once I am on the plane, to be honest. it’s just getting there!

  3. Um… I forget to pack undergarments. I once got all the way to Maine (a good 12 hour drive) only to realize I didn’t have a single pair of panties. Fortunately I had two swim suits and would wash one each night to wear the next day.

    Best of luck! You will rock it! (Just remember your underwear!)

  4. I have all the confidenc ein the world that you will be great and do great. It’s the anticipation that is always so killer but once you get there, you’ll calm right down. Own it sis! So proud !

  5. Luck!!

    Or, as my high school US History teacher used to say before a test: good luck, good skill or good miracle!

    Also: isn’t it funny how it takes conscious thought to remind yourself to “just breathe” sometimes?

    1. I LOVE that saying from your history teacher! That’s awesome. And it is funny that we do have to remind ourselves of that. But so true. Thank you!

  6. If you’re at that Hyatt on the beach on PCH and near Beach Blvd, be sure to walk up to Jacks and try the cheese strips! (If you do, say “hi” to Dave for me!) Hmmm…now that I’ve thought about it, I might just have to go! And the weather is freakin’ awesome this week!

    At any rate, sending you good vibes and all the confidence in the world. You’ll do great!

    1. yum, that sounds so tasty πŸ˜‰ Not sure I will even be able to leave, but if I do, I definitely will πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear the weather rocks!! And thanks for the vibes πŸ™‚

  7. It will be great! I am actually in LA on Wednesday/Thursday this week and am excited to enjoy the nice weather. Not so excited to go to NYC next week and freeze my tail off!

    Enjoy your trip and embrace it!

    1. Ah, so close, yet so far πŸ˜‰ We’ll be about 40 miles apart later this week! Go figure, right? Have a good trip too! And yeah, you will freeze in NYC next week πŸ˜‰

  8. Good luck! Send some of that warm weather this way, please.

    I wonder if forgetting your undies was a freudian slip. Maybe you need to REALLY get out of your routine and go commando.

    Have fun!

  9. oh yeah – definitely done the forgetting to pack underwear thing. i started more than one trip back here from law school with a quick spin by victoria’s secret to, um, cover myself for the weekend. πŸ™‚

  10. Good luck! Keep winning the right people over! It’s kind of awesome that you’re going to be out of your comfort zone for the whole week.

    1. Thank you! I’ll try to keep winning them over! And yea, outta my comfort zone for a week is kinda awesome (what I need) but exhausting, I can already tell.

  11. eeek how exciting! have fun! and just put your game face on!

    as for packing tips (from your last post) –I always keep a list of everything I need to pack. Since you’ll be going often, it might be good to just keep a post-it on your fridge with everything you have to bring each time. Today–I forgot my shower shoes for the gym. ARGH!! I had to shower with my feet arched and spread apart bc I was trying to touch as little floor as possible! gross…learned my lesson…keep a post-it

    1. LOL! That’s a hilarious story! Yea, I need a perma-sticky note that I just keep it all on. I forgot mousse for my hair! Ugh! I hate forgetting stuff like that, small but still important! And thank you!

  12. “Just breathe” is always a good mantra! I love my routine and not having to deal with too many changes, too. But, the new job is a great step for you. The rest will fall into place, I promise. PS Glad you remembered your undergarments ;).

    1. The ‘just breathe’ mantra is a good one, and it does help to just roll with the punches sometimes, ya know? And yes, undergarments were a must! ha!

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