As the day has worn on, I’ve felt more and more ‘meh’ and I’m not sure why.

It could be the weather.

The fact that it’s going to be 3 degrees by Monday morning – yes, 3 – could be part of the reason (or the fact that it snowed again today, on top of last week’s blizzard). Or the fact that I don’t have a tan (and always feel better with a tan, as unhealthy as it really is for you).

It could be a ‘down’ phase in adjusting to the working from home thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely am adjusting to it and for the most part, I really like it. But I know that traveling helps switch it up just enough where I don’t get bored or feel secluded. But part of me does miss being around people all day. Most days so far it hasn’t bothered me in the slightest, but this afternoon/evening, I’ve felt it. Which leads me to the next few reasons…

It could be needing another goal or something to work towards.

Yes, I know I said I want to do a triathlon and last night I took a more concrete step towards that by contacting a few instructors for availability. So, hopefully that takes off. I also want to get my running mojo back. After running the half marathon last September I haven’t had another good run. I get really winded, I have no stamina and I can’t get past 3-4 miles on the treadmill. I wonder if I might have exercise-induced asthma. (must check that out, yes, Heather) I hope to fix that problem so I can also work towards another half marathon. More near term? I am planning to do a Core Fusion Challenge with my sis Jess (wait for that blog post on hers soon, I will cross-post here), which I am really excited about.

I also need an evening hobby or ‘extra-curricular’ of sorts.

Last year, it was Group Kick training and while I’d love to train to teach another class (since my gym is full class-wise with instructors), I think I have a few other physical goals I can accomplish in the meantime. Maybe it’s a wine tasting class or a cooking class (love that idea, StartedOver!). Any takers? Maybe that will also help me balance the work from home thing with something more social.

So, why the ‘meh?!”

Besides all those reasons intermixed with the things I have planned or want to accomplish, I guess the ‘meh’ feelings happens to the best of us (right Scribblings?!). Sometimes I think this is the curse of blogging…besides being an overthinker by nature, I just think a lot during the day about stuff I want to write about and feelings I want to explore. The ‘meh’ feeling that flashed upon my earlier is just one of those feelings I decided to explore and now it’s making me feel more ‘meh’ than I think is truly necessary. I mean really, life’s great…it’s just a shitty winter that’s making me grumpy and snowballing (no pun intended!) into a variety of other mini-mehs!

Wow, this is a rambling post and I forgive you for bypassing it altogether 😉


41 thoughts on “Meh.

  1. I’ve had a lot of those days since I haven’t been working. I have to just get out from time to time. You can go stir crazy sitting inside. I won’t lie, I went against everything I believe in and went tanning. I needed a few 5 minutes for some color. The winter blues have set in. I make sure I get dressed every day, not just sweats. I go to the gym and switch up my routine. I try and make lunch dates. Meh on winter…I’m over it too.

    1. You’re right. I do need to get out more during the day. I have been taking my lunch at 3 (since it’s noon in Cali) and doing errands or doing a workout, but I probably need to go to Starbucks and just be around people and work too, or something. I definitely get dressed and do my hair and all that, which also helps! (not always non-yoga pants though, I must confess). We should have skype breaks during the day 🙂

  2. Try to take it easy on yourself. Winter causes a huge case of the “meh’s” in the best of us (myself included!!) Plus you’re adjusting to a new work situation…so it all makes sense, really.

    Hang in there!! I try to remind myself that winter makes me appreciate the other 3 seasons all the more!! 🙂


    1. You are good at reminding me to take it easy on myself…I need to be better at that too! I’ve always been an on-the-go type so getting accustomed to a somewhat slower pace than my old job (slower not by much!) has been interesting too, and it’s probably more just because of the ramp-up than anything. And yes, I will embrace spring, summer and fall like whoa!

  3. Hey! I’m the third poster! I’m never this early– always late to the blog party.

    Everyone gets the meh’s this time of year. My brother and sister-in-law were complaining about the weather all weekend. In six months we’ll all be bitching about how hot it is! Imagine that.

    I think hobby hunting is a great idea.

    1. You are indeed! I love how you say that as if I get a zillion comments…but I guess I do get quite a few, at least lately. I still don’t match your blog hit numbers though ;-P I think hobby hunting is a good idea too. I need to look into that.

  4. Oh yeah…there’s been an incredible amount of meh’s around lately…let’s all just agree it’s being caused by the winter weather…and we’ll all feel better very soon!

  5. i just got done with a “meh” series of weeks. it was a total lack of routine that did it to me. it’s like someone flipped a switch in my soul. i have goals, projects, things to do. it’s the best thing ever. maybe a new goal will un-meh-ify you.

    and THREE DEGREES?!?!?!? gaah. that’s evil.

    1. un-meh-ify – I dig it! 😉 But you’re right, the routine thing totally throws me too! I am building a new one now, with the work at home thing and I think I just need to really work at that and give myself a good balance of social-ness during my day when I go through lulls of not having it. Ya know?

  6. I know that feeling well. I call it ibbledick, which is Yiddish for “out of sorts.” A good workout ir a night of sleep usually helps me put things in perspective! Sometimes the cause of the feeling is so hard to place. But I know the feeling.

    1. Ah! I love that saying, that’s a great way of putting it too. I think a good night’s sleep and a good workout (more Core Fusion!) will do me good 🙂

    1. That’s an idea I plan to make reality soon! I think it will really help. I have two great Starbucks right near my house that have lots of space. I’ll have to scope them both out 😉

  7. It happens. It happens all the time! But for me it isn’t only when I am working from home. It just happens from time to time. Its normal. Its life. Because you have the freedom of working from home take that moment when it really settles in to do something. Anything. Go for a 15 min run. Do some yoga moves like sun salutations. Read a book or a magazine. Just do something to snap the funk. Its for the best in the long run.

    As for trying new things…I have on my list to do a Scandinavian baking class and maybe…just maybe a Sprint Triathlon.

    1. Yeah, it’s true, it happens no matter what the environment (but I am convinced winter has a big thing to do with it!). I am excited about the potential sprint triathlon plan! way cool!

  8. I know those “meh” days, have them all the time in January especially when it’s soo dark in the morning time and it gets soo dark in the evening time as well. I was just thinking have you ever thought of doing a writing course or a short story course or something along those lines? You really have a talent for writing about your thoughts and feelings and ideas on life. Who knows maybe you could write a book of some sort.

    1. Why thank you Susan, for such a great compliment. I hadn’t thought of a writing course, but that’s also a great idea. I do toy with writing a book one day. But then I fear I will have nothing to say 😉

  9. I agree with Shannon. You need to get out during the day. While I was at home I usually tried to have some activity every day, like yoga or english/german lessons. When I had a break of everything and wasn’t seeing people for couple of days in a row I was going nuts :).
    You will adjust to working at home, take it easy.

    1. I definitely agree. And I have, for the most part, it just gets tricky when it’s snowing and bitterly cold and the last thing I want to do is go anywhere 😉 But on those days, my plan is to do some pilates or yoga or something to shake it up a little bit. And thank you, I do hope I adjust (I am, mostly, but it’ll take time)

  10. I’m feeling terrilby meh too! For me, I think the job is playing a huge role, plus it’s freezing here too, and HS Marine and I barely have time to chat, let alone see each other. It all adds up to a very ‘meh’ kind of life!

  11. I’ve worked by myself for almost 3 years now. If you’re new to it, I’d say it could definitely affect your mood, hell, I’ve been doing it for 3 years and it still affects my mood. You have to try extra hard to communicate with others. I meet someone for lunch at least once a week if possible. Since I live alone too, it makes it even worse, so I do the blogging and tweeting, text with friends, call my mom, go to the gym, anything to get some sort of social interaction to remember I am human and there are other people living on this planet with me. Working alone can be very tough but if you do things to counteract the loneliness it won’t be so bad.

    1. thank you for the words of wisdom! Hopefully my post didn’t come across that I don’t talk to anyone all day, because I do. I am on the phone half the day for the most part, so that interaction helps. And I like the lunch idea! I will have to recruit anyone local enough to meet me for lunch sometimes, or my mom, who works down the street. Good ideas 🙂

  12. I’ve definitely had “meh” moments, and I think they are SO much more common in the winter….and I don’t know about you, but I definitely get them after Christmas! I’m a big planner (I know you are, too) 😉 so I am constantly on my Google Calendar (like, way too much probably) mapping out my week’s schedule and planning for weekends ahead. It helps to get me out of the “meh,” at least for the moment!

    1. YES, the post-holiday meh is definitely it! And I love having plans too, so planning ahead is always helpful to see what’s on the horizon 🙂

  13. So you’re already struggling to find time in your routine for M, so maybe you should find an extra carricular activity you can do during the day… something during the day to break it up and to leave your evenings free. It has to be something flexible because you will have to fit it around meetings and travelling, but I think it can be done. Maybe it’s time to try swimming? Do you have any other friends who work from home or have flexible schedules that you could perhaps have coffee with once a week?

    1. Swimming during lunch would be great. I just need to find a flipping available instructor (grr). But yes, I have decided I am going to meet up for lunch with a couple of local friends and my mom – who works 5 mins from my house (why I didn’t think of that sooner!).

  14. I like that even in your “meh” moods, you can still be focused on setting goals for yourself. The changes in your routine and working from home make hobbies and outside activities all the more important.

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