There was simplicity in today.

In the midst of a snowpocolyse here in New England (where of course, I still had to work, no snow days for remote workers, unfortunately!), M had the day off, given his practice closed due to the oh, 18+ inches of snow we got walloped with today.

And thus, we were snowed in. Together. For the second time in a month.

The difference this time?

I’m not really sure.

Except it felt like a ‘dry run’ for living together, in a way. (One day…not now, not rushing, don’t worry.)

We made breakfast together (he makes killer eggs, I make a mean pot of Starbucks coffee and English muffins. Hehe). I went about my day, working (as he sat on my bed and worked on his thesis) and we listened to some music on Pandora, chatted here and there (one of the things I love about M is that he cares about my job and understanding what I do all day, as do I of his. My ex-husband never really did, and it felt like a huge part of my life was just unknown to him and he didn’t care. Working at a job 40-50 hours a week, you want to be able to share that with your significant other. I can do that with M, and I love that). He made us lunch (his killer tomato soup….if you want the recipe, email me! it’s to die-for, legit) and in between some calls, I turned around to tell him something and he had fallen asleep.

I wanted to take a picture of his face. He looked content, peaceful, happy, and supremely swoonworthy. My cats were curled up next to him (where they’ve been all day. I swear, they love him more than me!) and it was just this picture of simplicity.

…later on, I went over and quietly laid next to him. As if by nature, he wrapped his arms around me and murmured “hi, babe.” and I smiled. Simply perfect.

Now? He’s out shoveling our cars out from the mass of snow (even though I told him not to bother, at least not with mine, since I can stay put till the cows come home!). But alas, out he went. (literally, he just threw a snowball *at* me from the window. So cute. Okay, now I’m just being gushy dorky).

And tonight? A little wine, some dinner, and some Heroes on DVD.



33 thoughts on “Simplicity.

  1. LOVE this!!! Love the description of the look on his face when you came to curl next to him and that he curled up to you and whispered something so simple yet so comforting and filled with love. So awesome. So perfect. So happy for you!!

    1. YES! It WAS a routine-like day, and that’s probably what I also liked about it 🙂 and I dig that we can live side by side, I know we can…

  2. So Jolene…. rewind a year for just a second. Would you have imagined a day like you just described?

    I have had moments where I had to say, “Is this real? How could I ever have been so down”?

    So if this is where life has gone in a year+, no point in putting any limitations on where tomorrow take you. 🙂



    1. Wow, Chaz, that’s such a good way of looking at it, and no, I can’t say that I would have experienced a day like yesterday, a year ago. Finding love has been surreal at times, and sometimes I really can’t believe I finally did. Sky’s the limit…love that.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day and I like the way you’re both so comfortable with the simple things in life which really are the most important things in life. So happy for you both.

  4. Ah! The “hi, babe” moment. I WANT that. Lucky girl. 🙂 Enjoy the snow as much as you can (even though you hate it). My sister sent pictures. It’s ca-razy out there!

  5. I was just about to write, “Sounds like a perfect day,” but it looks like 15 people beat me to it. That doesn’t make it any less perfect.

    Killer eggs, killer tomato soup– I hope you survived!

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