It was my first day working from home today and I took it upon myself to use today partially to observe.

The trade-offs to working from home (the good and the bad) and the areas where I can improve BY working from home.

(and I know my posts are relatively boring at the moment, but as this is the first new job I’ve had since the better part of a decade, I feel the need to chronicle it all. It’ll wane, I promise. I have some other posts I want to get to, too. Soon.).

So, with that said, here are my trade-offs…

I can workout whenever I want. (theoretically)

Trade-off: I can work out whenever I want.

This is a trade-off because even though I *do* have more flexibility to work out a little later, or during my lunch break, I still feel *so* regimented to the 5:30 am wake-up and go. But as I will have more late-day/early evening meetings on occasion, it also means I need to work out in the morning or mid-day. But that’s okay.

I don’t have to ‘fake’ the confidence…(face to face).

Trade-off: But I *do* have to ‘fake’ the confidence more over the phone, which for me, has always been super challenging.

But, already, I am had a couple of calls today and I made sure to take the reigns and just go with it. I DO know my stuff, so it’s my time to prove it. I will conquer the phone.(I don’t know why it’s been hard for me, in the past, given I am on the phone so much for my job, but in some situations, I lose my luster and that habit needs to NOT find it’s way back to me).

I work really well independently.

Trade-off: I can imagine I will get lonely sometimes.

But, with my travel schedule, it won’t be huge chunks of time where I will be alone, and it just means I need to make sure to get out during the day or night. Whether it be the gym, or coffee, or meeting up with a friend who might be around. I need to make the effort. Or else it can get really easy to just be a loner (and I’m not knowing loner-ness since I LOVE being alone, but you get my drift, I think?).

I don’t have to worry about what to wear every day.

Trade-off: But I don’t want to feel like a schlep either.

I love working in my yoga pants, but I also think I do need to make an effort to still try and look good. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I feel better and more confident when I look better. Ya know, hair done, some makeup on. But yoga pants? I just think I need to buy some more πŸ˜‰

Routine? Where?

Trade-off: Routine? Where?

Ahhhh! It’s KILLING ME! I need my routine and I am trying so hard to just realize that the next couple of months will be a huge adjustment. And I know I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I guess it’s hard for me to adjust to a change in routine on the work front when I have been working really hard on that on the relationship front with M, too.

But I am proud to say that I think M and I are finally getting to fall into step with each other, and this job actually really helps that in some ways. With my morning a little ‘looser’ I won’t feel like I have to ‘work around’ when he stays over or when I stay over his, because I can always workout at a different time, or juggle my schedule around a bit to accomodate whatever he has going on, too. That’s a plus. A big one.

I can take more time for meals at home.

Trade-off: Carving out the time in my daily schedule to make my breakfast, lunch and plan ahead for dinner (crockpot etc).

This one isn’t really a bad trade-off at all. I mean, really. But, I do realize that I need more make-at-home breakfast and lunch options! So, hit me, friends! Send me some of your fave breakfast and lunch options (and any good crockpot recipes too). As much as I have complained about being sick of my breakfast and lunch options when I had to pack a lunch, I’m suddenly at a loss. Where are all those recipes I’ve been dying to be able to have during the work day?!

Do share πŸ™‚

So, there you have it. My early list of trade-offs from working from home…I mean, I love it so far, absolutely. This is my kind of working environment and one I can thrive in. But it does come with its trade-offs and some challenges that I am actually looking forward to conquering. This is going to help me grow, even though from the outside looking in, it could easily be a way to hide behind my computer and make a name for myself. Not so, not going to happen.

I gotta remember…I GOT THIS! IT’S IN THE BAG! πŸ™‚


34 thoughts on “Trade-offs.

  1. Keep repeating…routines take time to develop. Routines take time to develop.

    When I am not traveling I either workout at 7 a.m., noon or 2 p.m. It basically depends upon whether or not I am meeting someone at the gym or what my conference call schedule looks like. Noon or 2 p.m. are because I like the soaps that I can watch while I run/lift. If I am home on a Monday I have cooking class starting next week for 3 weeks. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to yoga. On Wednesdays I bowl (don’t laugh, its fun with good girlfriends). The point is…this didn’t happen over night. I’ve been here six months and its still a work in progress. You will get there. You will figure out what works for you.

    1. I love that schedule, you got it goin on! And it’s true, it WILL take time to develop. Clearly, since I developed my routine and now can’t veer from it! I know, I will, it will take that dreaded time I hate so much πŸ˜‰

  2. YOU GOT THIS SIS!!! Already so proud of you for adjusting SO well to some major upheaval. I mean, MAJOR, esp for a routine queen like you (and me)!! PS. I miss you!! 😦

  3. the flexibility does come at an interesting cost, eh? but it’s true – you have got this!

    i favor chili and beef stew in crock-pots, to be sure. there is, however, a recipe somewhere for a crock-pot chocolate cake somewhere. if i find it, i’ll pass it on. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I think where it’d be so hard for me working from home is maintaining a normal eating schedule and not just snacking randomly. I would love to be able to get in my workouts here and there. But I would eventually feel terribly lazy being in PJs all the time πŸ˜‰ You know you’ll get it all figured out, probably a lot sooner than you even think. One day you’ll wake up and it’s all falling into place. And maybe for scheduling sake, then setting a certain time for workouts, a certain time for breaks, lunch, etc, might be good. I find that sometimes when I work from home I end up working longer or later.

    1. Yea, you’re right, it’s going to be a balance eating-wise too. But I actually found I ate LESS at home today than at work…not in a bad way, but I just was able to make things that were more filling than I always can when I am at work. Thus why I want and need more fun food ideas πŸ™‚ I love the idea to schedule in things too, that’s a good idea.

  5. I commend you for trying to work from home. I don’t know that I would be disciplined enough to do it. I might want to sleep a little later, watch crappy TV that I don’t normally watch at all … even go to the gym to NOT work! I’m jealous though – I would live in my yoga pants if I could!

    1. See, I LOVE it, as I definitely get more done when I am home, and always have, whenever I have worked from home in the past. It is nice to live in yoga pants though πŸ™‚

  6. i have the option of working from home whenever i want, but choose not to for the tradeoffs you listed. but when i do, i find that i need to keep myself on a schedule so that i eat and take breaks. i often end up working more hours when working from home – less distractions.

    however, it is nice to be able to get out for a run whenever i want! πŸ™‚

  7. Another thing I found, when working at home, was that there were more things to do at home, i.e. cleaning. Because I was THERE all the time.

    I’m with you. I also had to get up and put on makeup,etc so I felt like I was working.

    You’ll find your routine again. I’m still so excited for you!

    1. I actually don’t mind doing an extra chore or errand on the side, as it helps me feel ‘caught up’ on things and then when ‘work’ is over, I can relax more and unplug. At least that’s my goal!

  8. Ah, welcome to my world lady! I am almost 3 years in to the working from home gig, and I have yet to develop a solid, I actually stick to it, routine. BUT, I think we’ve already determined that you are better in that department than I am. You have this in the bag! I know you do.

  9. I work from home and at times it is challenging for all the of the reasons above. But for me the trade off is being at home when my kids get home from school. I can live with it for that. There are the days when I don’t shower until they get home from school though…yikes.

  10. I think it will all work out well for you working at home, there are so many benefits. So nice to be able to be in your yoga pants when you’re working!! I use Tosca Reno’s books for ideas for breakfast and lunch menus. I love the Clean Eating quick and easy bookazine, really quick healthy clean eating recipes and they are all super easy and tasty to make.

  11. Well, I’m a friend just down the street from you who is willing to make herself available for lunch whenever you want, just to make sure you have the option to get out of yoga pants every once in a while.

    You’ve got this. You’ll get the routine nailed down in no time.

  12. I don’t really have any recipes, but one of my favorite lunches when I was able to get home on a lunch break was real simple… And healthy!

    Spray some cooking spray on a pan, throw in a chopped green pepper, some canned artichokes (I always rinse them), some olives, pepperincinis, mushrooms, pea pods, whatever you’ve got. I heat ’em up for a few minutes and then munch! When I was eating dairy, I’d throw some cheese on top too. This might be one of those things that’s only good to me though.

    Another one is just as easy. I buy a packet of the beef stew mix and then just chop up TONS of veggies. You can use the crock pot or the stove and add meat if you like. I’m just too lazy and not a big enough fan to add meat.

    Another favorite lunch was a wrap (tortilla or Flat Out) with turkey, cheddar cheese and spinach. Wrap it up and warm it up on a George Foreman. I dipped it in ranch or spicy mustard.

    I know these are all simple, but they were my faves!

    1. Yum! Those actually both sound really good! I need to get to the grocery store and buy some stuff so I can make some more at home too. that’s part of my problem!

  13. So glad you’re finally telling yourself it’s in the baaaag! πŸ™‚

    I would love to work from home… mostly because working in an office all day I really miss having the time to cook real meals. My job is pretty flexible and there is a park and gym and many restaurants nearby so if I wanted to go for a workout, fresh air, or lunch with a friend during the day I can… but what I miss is just being at home. I really look forward to being a Mom and getting to stay home for a few years, someday!

    I think if you get up every day and do your hair and make-up right away you’ll feel better about your day… and nothing wrong with yoga pants! Good thing M got you that gift certificate for Christmas!

    As for breakfasts… I’m a big fan of eggs for breakfast since I don’t really like cereal (and I seem to get really bad stomach cramps from certain types of oats). I will toss eggs in a bowl in the microwave if I’m in a hurry then throw them on top of a bagel, toast or english muffin… or I will hard boil eggs on a Sunday for the whole week and take them to work with me. If you’re home, you can make omlette’s with veggies or egg scrambles… yumm yumm. Have you ever had turkey bacon? It’s so good and way better for you than real bacon! (As if I should be giving out healthy eating advice!)

    1. And WHY NOT give out healthy eating tips!? you got em! I LOVE eggs for breakfast but try not to eat them every day just cuz of cholersterol. I had some yesterday (and LOVE turkey bacon!) and had oatmeal today, homemade, yum yum. You’d do great working from home, you are regimented too πŸ™‚

  14. This isn’t boring to me. I love reading about how you are adjusting. I’ve always had this weird, irrational fear of the phone too. It just makes me so damn nervous. It always has. Even when I’m talking to close friends. But through my job, I have gotten better at it and “taken the reigns” much more often. I know you can do it too. My boss was on a conference call that I was leading a few months ago, and I was able to really impress him. It’s how he saw that I needed a promotion which is hopefully coming soon. I know you can do the same thing! Fake it ’til you make it, chica!

    1. That is awesome, so glad for you! And glad I’m not the only one! So far, I am already adjusting and not as stressed about it. Everyone is so nice! Faking it till I make it is my mantra!

  15. This is so interesting because, while I never thought I would have an opportunity to work from home, I have a phone interview on Monday with a company in which I would be working from home!

    You know, I guess it’s just like everything….there are definitely pros/cons to working in an office, as there are working from home. But you DO have this – it will just (sounds cliche, but SO true) take some time to develop that new routine. OR to get used to this new flexibility. But either way, you SO have this!

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