A little chaos, a dash of familarity and a whole lotta new.

Day two of my new job and admittedly, I was feeling more overwhelmed today, than yesterday (you’d think day one would be the overwhelmed day, but I guess it’s hitting me more as I learn more and more about my new job), but that’s to be expected, right?

Adding to the overwhelmedness was a few things…tons of meetings today, coupled with some quick deadlines on a few projects where it’s my turn to quickly show my chops and prove myself (no pressure…), and the realization that my travels are quickly ramping up (trips out here the week of 1/24, 2/14, and 3/1 for starters!).

And as my sister blogged about yesterday (as we go on parallel new job journeys!), it’s time to realize that I’m facing a ‘new normal’ and while some of it is exciting, new and is re-invigorating the passion I’ve lost for my job over the past few years, a hell of a lot of it is just NEW and my routine that I love so dearly? Yeah, that’s pretty much out the window (as expected), like whoa.

I know I will adjust and my ‘new normal’ will quickly become my ‘normal’ and some things, like my travel, will wane a bit once summer comes, it’s all happening at once. And I got that slight panic feeling halfway through the day but then realized two things: this is exactly what I want and need in my career and this is stretching me a hell of a lot longer and faster in the ‘be uncomfortable’ resolution I’ve bestowed upon myself.

It’s what I want and it’s what I need.

And as scary as it feels, it excites me to think that when I look back at this time, in six months from now, I’m going to see a lot of changes, a lot of strength and a lot of confidence.

(of course, the road to get there will have its challenges).

And then I think about M and how much he’s signing on for with me and my new job. And he’s already being so supportive, as much as I know he misses me (and I miss him). I’m sure we’ll have our strains with some of this, but so far, he’s proving he’s in it to win it and it makes me love him all the more.

I’m feeling so lucky, so blessed, and so utterly ready to face this. It’s scary, but I know I can do it. I already am.


Amid all the new tonight was the dash of familiarity I needed.

A visit and dinner with one of my bloggy friends (who I met at Bloggers in Sin City last year) – Newlyweds on a Budget Erika and Eric.

Eric made us a homecooked meal (which I crave since I have been eating out so much, albeit sensibly, throughout this week) and we talked and giggled and drank a glass of wine (it *is* winesday after all…) and talked about all the fun things we can do when I am out here.

And I felt welcomed. And better. And more excited about my visits. Having some friends here will be awesome. It’ll make a huge difference and I feel so thankful to have met them last year, and have kept in touch and as fate would have it, cross paths so closely again (who knew they lived in the SAME town as my job?!).

God works in mysterious ways. And I truly think we are meant to meet people in our lives for specific reasons, and at specific times in our lives.

Amazing how that works, isn’t it?


28 thoughts on “A little chaos, a dash of familarity and a whole lotta new.

    1. Yes! Frequent flier miles will be nice, for sure. And it made a huge difference seeing some friendly faces from my bloggy ‘side’ of life!

  1. How fun getting to have dinner with friends. I hear you on missing real meals when away. I know you’re a bag of mixed emotions right now. I can’t imagine both the utter excitement and terror at the same time. Just hang in there for the ride. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!

    1. Totally miss home cooked meals! I will have to get creative during my next trips. Any tips from the pro?! And it is mixed emotion but I know I will adjust.

  2. Yes, I agree. YAY for frequent flyer miles! That means more travel for FUN. πŸ™‚

    It sounds very exciting and exhausting all at once. You’ll get used to it.


  3. You’re right, sis. Even though this whole job change thing is wicked scary and new and different – it’s challenging in all the ways we’ve both been seeking. We just have to get used to that uncomfortable feeling because I think it’ll be sticking around for awhile, huh!! Hang in there this week, sis. miss you!!

    1. yea, it really is scary and new and difference, but when we look back at this time in six months, we’ll realize how worth it it was. Miss you too!

  4. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed in situations like these, it helps me to think about the future. I’ll think that a month from now, I’ll know a lot more and this will be easier. In 6 months, I’ll be rocking it and won’t even remember this panic. But for now, I just gotta get through this. I don’t know if I explained that well, but it’s kind of a “this too shall pass” mentality. Glad you got to meet up with Erika! The wonders of connecting through blogging!

    1. You’re right – I just gotta get through this.It really is a “this too shall pass” feeling combined with a good challenge I need to face. And it was so fun to see Erika and Erik!

  5. Very jealous you got to have dinner with Erika! But happy that you’ve got something familiar and comforting in your new unfamiliar environment. Obviously they’re just as cool as they appear on their blog!

  6. Boy you really are in a whirlwid of excitement! What a lot of ‘new’ to deal with in such a short period of time. Thankfully, you’re supported and cheered on by close friends and family – lucky you!

    A huge bonus is meeting up with new friends – good show! Remember, it’s just human nature to freak out a bit from time to time – otherwise we’d be heartless robots, so no big deal feeling the belly doing flip flops.

    You’re gonna make it after all(insert Mary Tyler Moore theme here)!

  7. I am just so excited for you! The unfimiliar is scary but it will become familiar soon. So glad eric and Erika are there to help though. Good to know the dates:) I may have to make a quick trip:)

  8. New is good, but new can also be scary, and that’s just soooo normal. You’ll settle in soon, there is just going to be a bit of upheaval for awhile of course. I’m sure that in no time you’ll have another routine down pat.

    1. Yea, the upheaval will get to me for awhile, but that’s normal and I’ll adjust. I kinda just want to hit the fast forward button to that though πŸ˜‰

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