Here goes…

nuthin. somethin!

I am heading to the airport shortly and though I’m nervous as ever, it’s mostly nerves over flying (always happens) and nervous excitement as well.

And what can I say? All of your comments on last night’s post were just what I needed, so thank you all for your comments, tips, encouragement and support. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without my outlet and my home here, and all of you cheering me on. You, combined with my family, M, and my friends’ support these past few weeks, in particular, have really gotten me through and helped me realize that I CAN do this.

I got this.

I just need to put my game face on, and bring it.

I’ve been waiting 8 1/2 years for this, to prove what I’ve got and shed past perceptions.

Now’s my chance and I’m going to take it.

Hopefully able to blog this week, once I get my new laptop, so stay tuned (and can’t wait to meet up with some fabulous bloggy friends this week, including Newlyweds on a Budget and Misty!).

31 thoughts on “Here goes…

    1. Thank you! Would be happier flying if my flight didn’t change completely from noon, layover in ATL, to 218, layover in Minneapolis! Ah well 😉

  1. ordinarily, this is where i’d suggest some kind of psych-up music that’d get you ready to run through a brick wall. but i don’t think you need it – i think you’re gonna tear it up naturally. go get it! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear how your first day went! I was sending you positive vibes all day. 🙂

  3. Once again…

    It’s in the bag, baby! You’re gonna rock it!

    Stay in touch this week– you know where to find me– and give Erika a biiiig hug for me!!

  4. Yesssss! I am SO excited for you. What an amazing opportunity (um….California? In winter? Yes, please!). You are right, though – you DO have this. You’re gonna blow them out of the water, I just know it. I hope you had an awesome first day and I can’t wait to hear how the rest of your week goes!

    BTW – LOVE your new blog. 🙂

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