So *this* is what it’s supposed to feel like, huh?

I’m not even sure how else to recap the last few days’ worth of celebrating than in my own ‘moments’ style. So, here goes:

…getting teased as much as possible (and as sweetly) by my brother-in-law’s family (aka my ‘adopted’ in-laws) over M. They met him and took every opportunity to tease me because well, they can, and I loved it. They care, and it made my heart warm. And M rolled with the punches, despite oh, 30 rowdy Italians.

…hearing M whisper in my ear all day on Christmas Eve how beautiful I looked (swoon) and how much he loved me (double swoon) and how much he couldn’t wait to give me my gifts (triple swoon).

…the look on M’s face as I unwrapped my gifts, and wow, did he set the bar high, I was pretty much floored. Ready? PINK Coach purse (my favorite color and uh, Coach!), the Heroes box set (since I said I wanted to watch that series but never did), a gift card to Lululemon (my fave, but uber expensive, athletic clothing store!), a gift certificate for a couples massage (since I told him I’ve never had a professional massage) and the piece de resistance? A diamond tennis bracelet. Um…speechless. His eyes glowed though, as he loves to give. His generosity is downright insane, and I love him for it, even if it felt like *so* much.

…realizing that he really does listen to every word I say, as evidenced by the gifts he gave me (except the diamond bracelet…it’s not like I am always saying how much I want diamonds, I swear!).

…the look in HIS eyes as he unwrapped the wine fridge I got him (I thought for sure he knew, especially as I had to deter him from buying the exact wine fridge I bought the day after I bought it!), and ‘fake’ surprise at the crockpot (considering he again, almost bought the crockpot the day after I bought it. I had to fess up on that one…), and then his laughter at the Penzeys spices I stuffed into his stocking (since I refuse to ‘allow’ him to use crappy grocery-store-bought spices! I admit, I am a spice snob!).

…enjoying every minute of Christmas Eve night at M’s parents house, looking around and realizing that his family already has welcomed me in, something my ex-in-laws never did in the almost-10 years I knew them. I even got a gift (a necklace) and they seemed to like their gift (some olive oil and vinegar made in wine country, my fave, and some fudge).

…waking up on Christmas morning, next to M’s smiling face. This is what it’s supposed to feel like, isn’t it?

…introducing him to my grandparents. That was really special. He was respectful, shook their hands, engaged them in conversation, and rolled with the punches as my brother-in-law teased me (lovingly of course!) over *finally* having a boyfriend 😉

…enjoying the much-awaited Glen Lyon wine that came just in time for enjoying on Christmas. A syrah for dinner and the best port I’ve ever had for dessert.

…and now? spending the next two days (bonus!) snowed in. We’re anticipating at least a foot of snow, so we’re hunkered down with chili in the crockpot, wine fridge stocked, and plans to watch movies and enjoy the rest of one of the best Christmases ever.

(the only missing piece is seeing my sister Jen and Isabel and my Dad…which was supposed to be today, but with the storm, has been rescheduled. We’ll just extend the holidays, right?)

Swoon. This is right. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays with family and loved ones.


35 thoughts on “So *this* is what it’s supposed to feel like, huh?

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and even better, you get to relax now with M, drink some wine (what a great idea buying M a wine fridge!) and watch Christmas movies or Heroes. Love it!! Sounds like you’re getting the snow, we’re having. My car is still snowed in so I walked to the family home yesterday and had a tasty lunch with great company. I’m now back home, heat on full blast and read past Oxygen magazines for motivation and fitness ideas for the year ahead. Have a relaxing evening.

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    And my super awesome sister bought me a black/white COACH purse which is just so me. 🙂

    Enjoy the snow. I am a little bummed about being stuck snowed in, but it sounds like you have a fun time planned.

  3. Spoiled! Haha! I can’t believe he got you all of that stuff, you’d better hold onto this one with a death grip! He’s a keeper!! I love the things you got him, too… you will have to tell me more about these spices because I have never heard of them before. And… with all the working out you do, you’ve never had a professional massage?!!! Girl, you are missing out! Do your benefits cover it? Mine do but I only go a couple of times a year, I just get busy… but it’s worth it to go… incredible.

    I’m having a hard time not laughing at you for considering a foot of snow “snowed in”. In Canada, you just put ‘er in 4 wheel drive and plow right on through! hahaha. Oh well, hope you enjoy it!

    1. Totally spoiled. I admit. But I appreciate it all, so does that make me less spoiled? Yes, right? 😉 Oh, click on the link for the spices, they are the freshest there is. SO good. I don’t think my benefits cover massages?! Maybe my new job will…that will be awesome. And har har on the snow, hey, that’s a lot! 18 inches?!

  4. I love every ‘moment’ that you listed! I especially love how he kept saying you were beautiful. I saw pictures. You were!!! And wow on the presents. That guy knows his stuff. Impressive!

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