7 random things about M.

I know, I really need to get this blog going and transition out of the old one (I promise, I will, I just want to close out my “home” with a proper send-off…do you blame me?), but I had this post brewing and what better way to “introduce” you to M, than to share some random facts about M, right?

  1. He has absolutely no concept of time. None. Nada. Zilch. It’s actually pretty funny, because he thinks he does, and then he tries to accomplish 5 different things in the span of an hour and then wonders why he’s an hour behind 😉 Now, my middle name is “prompt” so this has taken some adjusting to. For example, a couple of weeks ago, he called me and said he was “on his way” which was my cue to start making dinner. Fail. Dinner was ready oh, half an hour before he actually got there. But, I rolled with the punches and kept it warm (note to self: when he says he’s ‘on his way,’ tack on another 20 minutes before doing anything).
  2. He’s lost about 50 lbs. since his divorce. I’ve seen pictures of him “before” and I don’t know that it’s really that much because he never looked that heavy to me (but perhaps he didn’t take many pictures at his heaviest). As a result, he’s diligent with what he eats (yet still allows for some indulgences, which I dig) and loves the gym almost as much as I do.
  3. He has a love affair with Doritos. Legit. He could eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, hands down. His love for Doritos rivals my obsession with Baked Cheetos. Once the bag is open, the bag is gone. Must. Put. Them. Down. (me, not him. I don’t care how many he eats!).
  4. He’s generous…almost to a fault. While a very good saver and one that plans ahead for the future and stability (which I also dig!), he’s extremely generous. Almost to a fault. I say this because I can see how he could easily be “used” and taken advantage of. I, for one, am very conscious of it and would never take advantage. If I let him, I’m convinced I’d have a new wardrobe in an instant if I wanted it. But I’d never. Ever. And for me, there’s something so rewarding about being able to buy things for myself, an accomplishment. I love that he surprises me with things (for example, he handed me a Starbucks gift card the other day, out of the blue. When I got my coffee the next day, my eyes bugged out at the balance…he loaded $50 on the card. That’s like, 43 lattes. I told him he’s nuts and he simply said “I just want to make sure you’re caffeinated!” since he knows I love coffee).
  5. He tends to “take his work home with him” but is fighting against this. In his profession (he’s a nurse practitioner), he sees a lot of bad, of course. And it’s hard to *not* take that home with you. He doesn’t let it completely consume him, though, and it’s never been an issue with me at all, but sometimes, I look at him, and I can tell he’s thinking about something that happened at work that day. Sometimes I ask him about it, and sometimes I don’t. He tells me he tries to keep some of it to himself, and he’ll open up to me eventually (I think he doesn’t want it to affect me, personally).
  6. He’s hysterical. Like laugh out loud hysterical. A wicked sense of humor and so often, we’re laughing to the point of tears over some silly joke we’ve both built into something even more insanely funny. I love that. So much. Humor adds so much to a person. Life shouldn’t *always* be so serious.
  7. He wants children. Eventually. And I know he’d be a fantastic father. (no, we aren’t talking children, come on, it’s only been three-ish months!) It makes me warm up to the idea when I think of him in that role. It’s true what they say…it completely depends on the person you’re with, if you want children with them or not (or something like that).

There are probably more, but that’s a glimpse. Into M. The man I love. The man I met *just* three months ago, yet it feels like so much longer, in many, many ways. Hard to believe it was a match.com date, after so many, many failed attempts (for those of you new to this blog – I probably dated or went out with at least 15 guys (and when I say dated, I mean, many, many one-date wonders!) and after two years, it feels amazing to finally – finally – meet someone as special as him.

He makes me swoon. In so many ways.

Truly blessed. (even if he has no concept of time…)

41 thoughts on “7 random things about M.

  1. Ok, so I had to attempt to stalk M’s facebook page after you wrote that thing about him losing weight, because I just can’t believe it. He looks like one of those naturally in shape people. All I could see was his old profile pics, but even the oldest ones he still looked only a little chubbier to me, not 50 lbs!

    And I think its so funny what you said about two people having different concepts of time. I am very punctual too, and it would drive me crazy to deal with that! I guess it just proves that sometimes we have to let go a little and move outside of our comfort zone to find something great.

    1. LOL! That’s hysterical! I have a feeling he didn’t post some older pics where he was heavier. There aren’t many up there where he is much heavier. Not that it matters, but just interesting.

      I am trying to let go a little of the on-time-ness, because really, it’s not that big a deal. he’s always on time when it counts anyway 😉

  2. haha – yeah, the man definitely busts on me for my punctuality. we flew separately down for our trip to new orleans in september, but we flew back together, and he could NOT understand my need to be at the airport early. he laughed the whole time.

    boys have no sense of time. at all. 🙂

  3. My ex lost about 50lbs after our divorce too, now he and I share stories about our various activities and things we do to stay in shape. It’s very odd because neither of us worked out at all when we were married.

    And J had no concept of time, only probably worse than M. J would say “I’ll call you in an hour” and he’d just forget to call. He also did the “I’m on my way thing” and even though he lives right down the street from me, it would be an hour later before he’d show up. J is a moron though, I’m sure M is late in a cute, endearing way 🙂

    1. Oh interesting re: your ex and weight loss. I guess there is something to be said for motivation once you are divorced, sometimes, too. Sadly. I definitely got MORE into fitness after my divorce, but have always been into it.

      As for J and his on-time issues, wow, that’s a little different, I guess huh? 😉 I would say that most times it is a cute, endearing way (LOL) when M is late, but I am always so antsy!

  4. Sounds like M is a keeper, as for him being late, I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy who is a good time keeper, maybe it’s a man thing. I think it’s important he’s generous and with the work he’s in, it’s probably hard to not to bring it home. It looks all good though, exciting!!

    I can identify with the date after date and the guys just not being right but I’ll keep soldiering on.

    1. It might be a man thing, who knows? Probably right! Keep soldiering on…as I always say, I definitely learned something about myself or what I want/don’t want, no matter if the date was good or bad. So, always worth it, In my book.

  5. Is number 1 all men, or just the ones we’re dating?!

    Oh man, number 4 is HS Marine too! Every girlfriend in his past has used him and it just angers me so much. Plus I can see how his parents try to shape him to get what they want too. It’s very frustrating!

    And laughter is so important. I’m really glad you guys get on so well!

    1. I HATE when people get used, especially those close to me. So knowing what I know about how M’s ex used him quite a bit re: money, it just is something I am even more sensitive to. He is hysterical, even this morning, I couldn’t stop laughing at something he did. Love that.

  6. My man has no concept of time either. Which is strange to me because my ex-husband was ALWAYS prompt or even early. I was the one who was right on time or a bit late. I lose track of time even worse as a single mom.

    My Gentleman though? He gets so wrapped up in how he looks when we go out, almost worse than a girl, that we end up being much later than I’d be. Drives me a bit nuts but he always looks delish. 😉

    So cute… these little personality things that will end up driving up bonkers later, huh?

    1. LOL! You’re right, some of these things may be cute now, but notsomuch later. I think it’s hilarious that Gentleman takes longer to get ready than you. I am thankful that isn’t the case with M. He just gets distracted easily! LOL!

  7. The late thing would drive me nuts. Good that you’re learning to be accepting of it. I’m a man and I’m totally anal about the time. If fact, I’m often the dork who shows up at the party as soon as it starts, not “fashionably late.”

    BTW, for #5, should that say “take his WORK home with him?” That confused me at first.

    Thanks for sharing. He sounds like a keeper!

    1. Aww 😉 Glad you like it! And ya know, writing this flowed so easily, I guess I surprise myself how well I “know” him already 🙂

  8. There are SOME decent ones to be found online (hello, my husband)…though you definitely have to weed through A LOT of BS (5’10?…you? Well, me? I’m at LEAST 6’….and then the rest of the night his eyes are level with my boobs…6′?…not on your *best* day…more like 5′ nothing. True story…) also: so happy for you!!

    1. You’re exactly right! I obviously am biased towards that anyway since that’s how I met M, anyway, but I was starting to loose hope after so many duds! Wow, i didn’t realize you were that tall! lucky (tho I’m sure you disagree. At 5’3, I’d love a couple of extra inches of height!). 😉

  9. I’m so glad I ran across your blog because it has so much *meaning”* and charisma! Me and my hubby Juan agree with it 1000%!

    He too lost a lot of weight after his divorce, but he assures me he’ll never gain it back — and Billy Blanks helps us both keep it off! Oddly, he also has no concept of time, but since he puts so many hours in at petting zoo volunteering, i can’t really complain too much! 🙂

  10. Great list! I love that you compiled a truly random list that wasn’t just about his wonderful qualities. He’s real in every sense of the word, and that’s very, very good. Oh, and now I’m craving Doritos ;).

    1. thank you! Yea, it is a random list and not all the perfect qualities but the room-for-improvement ones (that we all have, of course). And now I want Doritos too. Dammit.

  11. Ummm…YAY! I knew I loved M for a reason! I know you’re not thinking about kids at any time in any near future….BUT…so glad to hear that he wants them, and that it could *possibly* be something in your future. After seeing you and Jess oohh and ahhh over your niece, I can’t help but see that you would be a great Mommy…SOMEDAY!

    Oh, and I think M and Steve would be GREAT friends, both for the issues with time conception…AND, the love of doritos!! Steve could eat them every day!!!

    1. Aww friend!! I think this may be your first blog comment, I do believe. I LOVE IT! And you’re right, there’s much to love about M, and his want of children and the way he just IS generally, makes me rethink it, as does my beautiful niece Isabel 🙂 One day, we will all share in mommyhood, I’m pretty sure 🙂 (I read the last part of your blog to M, he loved that. mmm doritos!)

  12. I never knew the two of you met on Match…just like me and S! I’m so happy that you two found each other! S and I were just talking about it yesterday…how did we luck out and find someone so perfect for each other so quickly. We decided it was a lot of luck and a lot of knowing what we want.

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